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Problem to make a DEBIAN LIVE USB PENDRIVE bootable? not bootable :(


I download the several HDD-USB img images for making a pendrive.
I tried on 2 pc and the result is similar :
   they arent bootable.

I have done as such:
and this one too I tried:

dd if=debian-live-503-i386-gnome-desktop.img  of=/dev/sda1

So up to now, nothnig complicated, all is fine and well done. The img is copying to the right /dev/sda1
done without error

So the image hdd usb pendrive is on the pendrive.
I reboot the machine, and select the usb pendrive at boot , and it says nothing
black screen, nothing is booted.

Maybe shall I use syslinux to put a boot?

I am bit surprised because to install linux installer on a pendrive is possible

but it seems more complicated and not working with debian live.

Any help is naturally very welcome !!

Kind regards

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