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Re: Ubuntu E: Couldn't find package linux-image-2.6-486

Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 2:53 PM, rosea grammostola <rosea.grammostola@gmail.com <mailto:rosea.grammostola@gmail.com>> wrote:


    When building an Ubuntu Lucid (but also other versions) live cd
    with d-i, I get:

    E: Couldn't find package linux-image-2.6-486


    This problem is acknowledge by 'Cody'.

I don't get this issue myself but I looked at the code when Rosea brought it up to me and I see no reason why I shouldn't be getting it too. Clearly this require more investigation which I'll be happy to do if I can figure out how to reproduce this issue. Can you tarball your config and send it to me?
    Where should I report this issue and where can I see when it's fixed?

You can report this in the Debian Bug Tracker.
If I recall well, I reported this in the past, but it wasn't accepted as an bugreport for Debians live-helper.


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