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Does lh config lacks a --mirror-chroot-update parameter ?

--------------- I send this message again because a mistake put it in a wrong thread ---------------

I want to build an up-to-date liveCD but I found no straigthforward mean using lh config. I see --mirror-chroot-security which triggers the line "karmic-security" in chroot/etc/apt/sources.list but no equivalent parameter for a "karmic-updates" line in this file. I used a by-pass putting an karmic-updates.list.{chroot,binary} file in config/chroot_sources.
Should not be better if lh config had a  --mirror-chroot-update parameter ?

BTW, like --mirror-binary inherits its default value from --mirror-chroot, it would be nice if --mirror-binary inherited its default value from --mirror-boostrap alias -m.


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