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Re: running live-helper in a chroot

[ you're reply-to is fucked up again, is it really so hard to configure your mua once and leave it at that? ]

Hans Ekbrand wrote:
Do you know what version of debootstrap is required? Is building the
sid-version from source the prefered way to get a working debootstrap
on lenny?

you can install the sid package of deboostrap just fine on lenny, no rebuild necessary (it's shell only).

I recently posted about a failure to boot ("unable to open
/dev/sda..."), but the build process - which used debootstrap from
lenny - looked OK to me. Could using lennys debootstrap explain the
"unable to open /dev/sda.."-problem?

i would not bet money on that, but lacking experience as i personally always build with sid, i can't say with 100% certainty.

and run the script I normally use
to build images with from within the chroot. However, it failed with:
your chroot has no /dev and no /proc mounted.

I gave up that road.

i for myself always build in a sid chroot, but that's because i don't want to trash the host system in case i made an error while working on live-helper (as i can simply rsync the sid chroot with it's previous backup in such situations).

while you technically don't have to use a chroot (neither because it should make a difference if you build on lenny or sid, nor that debootstrap would need a backport or wouldn't be installable on lenny), you can still do it if you'd prefere to do that for a different reason.

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