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Re: E: Could not download file: lucid/main/installer-i386/current/images//cdrom/gtk/vmlinuz

Daniel Baumann wrote:
Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
No. You'll need to disable the win32 loader.

i've now set the default to disabled for that one in ubuntu mode. i guess this is in your intention as well.

As for the 'E: Couldn't find package linux-image-2.6-486' error, looks like you need to change the linux kernel flavor to be be 'generic' instead of '486'.

this is clearly his fault, the default is settings are 'generic'.

I use the defaults, like I said in my previous mail!

Apparently I only get this error when having:

# $LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER: set debian-installer
# (Default: disabled)

# $LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER_DISTRIBUTION: set debian-installer suite
# (Default: empty)

# $LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER_PRESEEDFILE: set debian-installer preseed filename/url
# (Default: )

# $LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER_GUI: toggle use of GUI debian-installer
# (Default: enabled)

It looks like a bug.



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