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Re: How to download source only?

This sort of thing should work for you. I assume you have several GB of bandwidth.
On the live (or standard) system :

dpkg -l > packages.txt
cat packages.txt> some stream filter eg: sed   > packages_clean.txt
cat packages_clean.txt > apt-get source


surreal wrote:
i cannot imagine why this is usefull. care to give a use case?

I had downloaded a GB or more of binaries, and now for some reasons, I want
the source code of those binaries. Want to tweak them for max performance on
my machine(s)

There are 1400 binary deb and if I manually start downloading them, I will
become mad at the end of that exercise (heck what are computers supposed to
do then?? )

2009/11/12 Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>

surreal wrote:
Is there any way of downloading source files without the binaries ??
not with live-helper, and you'll never will, as it's not possible to do
it without first bootstrapping.

however, if you insist.. do it by hand. either bootstrap your target
system or change your hosts systems /etc/apt/sources.list to point to
the target distribution, expand the list of packages to their actual
installed packages (depends and recommends, if wished), don't forget to
add the packages that lh_chroot_linux-image is adding and apply the same
mechanism to the final list of binary packages that lh_source_debian is

I dont want to create a live cd but only get the source files of the
packages found in live helper lists.
i cannot imagine why this is usefull. care to give a use case?

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