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Re: (last) call for patches to live-helper 1.x

Michal Suchanek wrote:
> At least booting iso images over http works around the annoying bug in
> mksquashfs that causes the resulting squashfs to be inacessible to the
> web server. The isos are created with permissions specified by umask
> so they just work. It also reduces storage requirements for sites that
> want to support both iso downloads and netbooting.

totally, yes. have forgot about that, thanks for reminding - i will have
a look.

> The iso netbooting should work out of the box but iscsi booting
> requires a patch to iscsid.

since it relays on patched packages outside of the archive, there's not
much sense to stall the lh1 deprecation (and therefore lenny development
support; rather than maintainance support), so i'd rather address that
as one of the first points in lh2 where we can make bigger changes again.


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