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Re: build failure

Randy wrote:
> Still don't know how to make it log, but what is on the console is

kind of obvious, no?

lh build >2&1 | tee build.log

> I looked at /home/user/work-dir/chroot/etc/fstab and it contains
> no wonder it can't find root device.

apart from the fact that this is not an error, but a warning, and that
this warning does not stop the build process: cryptsetup shall
*explictly* not know the root device, otherwise you have a tainted
image. therefore, it's not a bug, it's a feature, present since alle
times. except that cryptsetup is giving missleading output.. but that's
purely cosmetical.

> Having watched the process it seams that in the way I have it setup it is 
> executing the steps out of order somehow.  Is the order of the lh_config -
> options on the command line important to the order of execution during the 
> build process?


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