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Re: build failure

On Wednesday 21 October 2009, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Randy wrote:
> > I am trying to build a live-kiosk-cd per these instructions
> > http://jadoba.net/kiosks/firefox/
> rather than re-inventing the wheel, it would maybe make sense to use
> directly webconverger, or at least base your work on that. it's the
> leading state of the art and fully free live-distribution in that area.
I am not really after a kiosk.  What I am really after is a very striped down 
live-cd that only runs iceweasel w/ noscript and a couple of other very 
usefull add-ons.  It will be used only for online financial transactions.

> > I have made some changes because some of the lh_ options he uses don't
> > seam to work with the version I have installed.  For instance his
> > --sections must be --categories to work with my setup.
> above howto dates back to 2007. live-helper has developed a bit since
> then... :)

figured that as the cause why some options had changed.  

I recieved an off list email and the correspondant instructed me thus

LH_BOOTSTRAP_FLAVOUR="" in file bootstrap , and remove option
--bootstrap-flavor minimal

I ran $ lh_clean then $ nano bootstrap and set LH_BOOTSTRAP_FLAVOUR="" as 
instructed and now the build seams to be working.

> > $ lh_config -d squeeze -a i386 -b iso --debconf-frontend dialog
> > --debconf- priority low --hostname Banker --username banker 
> > --interactive shell -- bootloader syslinux --bootstrap-flavor minimal
> > --linux-flavours 686 --hooks "minimal kioskhook" --categories "main"
> note that squeeze will not boot unless you have live-initramfs 1.157.4-1
>  (for iso), and not yet fixed for usb-hdd images.

have it.

> > until the libbz2-1.0...  at witch point it returns
> >
> > W: Failure while configuring base packages.
> 'lh config -d squeeze --packages libbz2-1.0 && lh build' works for me
> (using live-helper and live-initramfs snapshots).
> so, must be an error on your side. i suggest you follow the 'howto
> report bugs' guidelines outlined in the manual.
> > Where might I look for a log file?  Or is that an lh_ option I have to
> > set on the command line?
> live-helper 1.x does by default not write to a log file.
How do I get it to write a log?

If it ain't broke tweek it

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