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Deprecation of dashed commands in live-helper 2.x


in live-helper 2.x, all live-helper commands (lh_foo_bar) will be called
through a single script lh (lh foo_bar). This has been the prefered way
of calling live-helper commands since quite some time. However, i've now
added in git (live-helper 1.x) a warning whenever a non-dashed command
is invoked.

Not using the dashed commands in live-helper 2.x has the following

  * we can do sane logging through all helpers

  * we don't need to read the config completely at the beginning of
    every plumbing command (-> makes live-helper faster for
    bigger/longer operations).

  * we don't pollute /usr/bin with a hundred of individual commands
    anymore, but store them away in an exec directory outside of the
    regular path.

  * $whatever i forgot to mention here.


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