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I can confirm the same problem on my system testing with qemu or VirtualBox.
"/lib/udev/path_id" reports a path without any "-scsi" or "-ide" so the main partition (/dev/hda) is ignored by "is_nice_device" and the partition (/dev/hda1) with the live system doesn't get checked in "find_livefs".

For the "/lib/udev/vol_id" issue, it's not included in udev anymore so "/sbin/blockid" should be used instead.
In "/usr/share/initramfs-tool/scripts/live-helpers", "/lib/udev/vol_id -[t|l]" should be replaced by something like "/sbin/blkid -s [TYPE|LABEL] -o value" and in "/usr/share/initramfs-tool/scripts/live-bottom/12fstab" "/lib/udev/vol_id" by "/sbin/blkid -o udev".
It seems to work on my system.

Jean-Pierre Flori

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