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Re: Live ISO from existing install

On Monday 12 October 2009, bloodandsoil76@gmail.com wrote:
>  How do I make a live cd out of my currently installed system?  i.e.
>  Make a bootable ISO out of my existing Debian Lenny installation?
>  Thanks.

I was going to ask that too.  The instructions in the manual are not much help

Q: How can I convert an already installed standard Debian partition into a 
Debian Live system?

A: Save the list of installed packages and load it into your new Debian Live 
System. Copy your /etc to config/chroot_local-includes

I have tried before to find out how to get a list of the installed packages on 
my system and no one has been able to tell me.

This instruction also seams to imply that you have to already have a working 
live system.  Is that true?

Torah!! what a trip

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