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Re: Re: squashfs-tools

>> I'm experiencing the same error "can nout mount /dev/loop0" when
>> booting a sid image, but with a custom 2.6.30 kernel (as a package in
>> chroot_local-packages ).
>can you reproduce it with sids 2.6.30?
no, I can't. Obviously, it's a problem with my custom kernel
(vanilla2.6.30-5 w/ rtai patches).
I have both squashfs, unionfs, initrd support compiled.
Since I didn't want to apply the aufs patches, I used the
union=unionfs boot param. Now it fails w/
mount: Mounting unionfs on /root failed: No such device
mount unionfs on /root failed with option noatime,dirs=/cow=rw...
I suppose it's not straightfwd to use a non-debian kernel w/ deb-live
- can anyone give me some pointers...
thanks for your help

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