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Live-helper does not generate working PXE-images.

Live-helper does not generate working PXE-images.

Package: live-helper

Version : 1.0.5-2 (git)

Severity: normal, workaround available

The bug doesn't leave any traces in the log-files and results in a
non-functional netboot image. I have reproduced the bug on all recent
versions of live-helper, as well as the git versions I tried.

I am using this very basic lh_config string to configure live-helper:

lh_config -b net -d lenny --net-root-server
--bootappend-live “locale=nl_NL.UTF-8” --syslinux-timeout 25

The resulting binary-net.tar.gz file cannot be netbooted from. The
“debian-live style” bootloader isn't displayed, instead a strange
white/gray “circle” is displayed. The system remains responsive to
keyboard strokes, but hangs in a partially rendered menu (try pressing


Once the script finishes, extract “binary-net.tar.gz” and :

1 Modify “binary-net.tar.gz”/tftpboot/debian-live/i386/boot-screens/menu.cfg
so that the lines “stdmenu.cfg” , “live.cfg” and prompt.cfg get the
prefix “debian-live/i386/boot-screens/” .

2 Modify “binary-net.tar.gz”/tftpboot/debian-live/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default
so that the line “menu.cfg” gets the prefix

This workaround doesn't fix the help menu, but at least provides users
with ready to use netboot images.

Kind Regards,

Ruben Vos


This is my first bug-report, guidance/comments appreciated :D.

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