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Re: Improved virtualbox integration

Hi Julien,

> > [Snip: how to get X to run with vbox additions when available]
> reconfiguring xserver-xorg doesn't do anything in current sid, so that's
> not the way to go.
I've just built a sid Debian live image, which does indeed no longer generate
any xorg.conf on startup, so modifying that probably doesn't make sense.

I think the proper way to solve this is to get the Xorg and virtualbox
packages to properly play together to get an autodetecting scenario, so I
guess we can stop discussing this here :-)

> If vboxmouse works with /dev/input/eventX, then the package containing
> that driver can install a hal fdi to detect if it's running on vbox, and
> set the input.x11_driver property to vboxmouse if so.  See the
> xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse package for an example.
Ah, this is exactly what the unstable version of virtualbox-ose-guest-x11

Regarding my other question about persistence, any suggestions? I am prepared
to invest some time to prepare a prober patch, but it would be nice to have
some perspective on getting it merged.



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