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Re: generating netboot images

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Ruben Vos <rubenvos1982@gmail.com> wrote:
> Fellow debian-live users,
> For the past few months I have only been able to generate working
> netboot images using an old live-helper version. Whenever I try to use
> the newer git-versions, all generated netboot images result in a
> white/gray “circle” on the machines that attempt the actual PXE boot
> (i can send a jpeg of it).
> I use a debian Lenny virtual machine to generate my netboot images, I
> have been experiencing this problem with Etch hosts as well. The
> problem occurs on both Vmware and Virtualbox machines and I have
> reproduced it on "normal" machines as well. There is no error during
> the build-process that I am aware of.
> I get my working netboot-images using 1.0.1-4 .
> I am using this very basic lh_config string:
> lh_config -b net -d lenny --net-root-server
> --bootappend-live “locale=nl_NL.UTF-8” --syslinux-timeout 25
> the output of which i can email, as well as a pjeg from the resulting
> "white circle".
> Am I doing something wrong / have I been sloppy in reading this mailing list?
> Greetz,
> FuX
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The script make_pelican-1.99.0 available at
generates a netboot image, in its first part. After that it generates
an .iso image that can be used to serve the netboot image. This works
with the latest live-helper and live-initramfs, and it's written for
sid. You need to pay attention to the syslinux-* configuration
switches, and there is a place where live.cfg is copied to menu.cfg,
to make the netboot syslinux boot screen appear properly.

Cheers, Michael

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