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Re: java runtime -No applets displayed

Thanks for the quick reply.

When we connect to a HP Proliant iLO and select "Remote Console" tag 
and then "Remote Console Information", HP state the following "The 
"Remote Console" selection requires java Virtual Machine (jvm) version 
1.4.2 for proper operation". So that is what we have always used.

However, I am going to try sun-java5 or sun-java6. Could you point me 
to the hook examples, do you meam here:
Sorry to ask but would you be prepared to list example/code for the 
sun-java installation as discribed?
Although I have a couple of hook files working fine I a have not been 
successful with this one.

I would normally try this first from a booted debian-live OS. Hence, 
apt-get update & apt-cache search sun-java but I do not get the 
packages listed. It would be ideal if I could test the sun-java 
temporarily in this manner and see if it works on mt iLO's. If so then 
I would run a new build.


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>stephen_b_allen@tiscali.co.uk wrote:
>> Q1 -install it into /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_13 and 
>> Q2 -I would like my script to auto-answer the licensing questions 
>> quit + yes)
>> Hence my concern that this is not the intended way to install a 
>why do you not use either the sun-java5 or sun-java6 packages from 
>debian archive? also see example hooks for making them install
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