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Re: Debian 5.0.3 released

Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> With many apologies for neglecting to send this confirmation at the
> time, the latest Lenny point release (5.0.3) was released late last
> night.

no problem.

as already said on irc, for us, it's important to know in advance when
it will happen. the actual release is not that important, as live images
have to be always build when the point releases have already hit the
mirrors (in order to contain the matching apt indices in them).

on related note, i've uploaded 5.0.2 images from friday afternoon to
live.debian.net, and they have been synced to cdimage.d.o.

5.0.3 images will follow in about two weeks, there have to be a couple
of things fixed first (e.g. the recent dependency changes in stable(!)
that spuriously pull in gnome when you install lxde or xfce, which
happens only on amd64 but not on i386; and a couple of other things).

more about this, a first roadmap for the plans for the 'last' lenny
updates (as in feature updates, not bugfixes), and the start of the
squeeze cycle with live-helper 2.x and live-initramfs 2.x will follow
next weekend.


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