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Re: Configurable persistent device names

On Sun, 12 Jul 2009 20:46:43 -0500, Richard Nelson wrote:

> perhaps adding a boot param for persistent custom name that could be
> appended to existing names would be an easy solution. Then the user who
> wanted live-rw-sid would call the param with paramName=-sid and then we
> could document how to name the partition live-rw-sid.
> Thoughts welcome.

Hmm... maybe make paramName= a more meaning one, e.g., persistentTag or 
something? Actually, I was hoping to use boot param to give full names, 
not just tags, but that might be more than a quick fix.

I have other concerns, which relate to the following questions:

- when both persistent partitions and snapshot files exist, which one 
take the preference?
- live-snapshot creates different snapshot files each time. when more 
than one snapshot files exist, which one take the preference?

To put everything on the table, I wish another boot param to name swap 
files to use on boot up as well - I'll cover it in details in another 
request instead.

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