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Re: Schedule for the summer


2009/6/16 Daniel Baumann :
> Hi all,
> 2009-07-06 - 2009-07-15
>  * when i'm arriving home, i hopefully will get to know if i passed
>    exams i did in june.

Good luck.

> What's not written above, somewhere in the time when i'm arround, i also
> try to make the autobuilds available again and, finally, setup brandons
> qemu autotesting stuff on live.debian.net. Maybe also dislocating
> live.d.n to a swiss provider with free traffic.

I am currently re-writing autotesting. It is faily unmaintainable and
the codes look ugly.

I have now have some real Python experience [1] and and I like
recoredmydesktop [2].
 1: http://www.determine.org.uk/
 2: http://packages.debian.org/lenny/recordmydesktop

If you can think of any features to add to autotesting please add to
the list below, please let me know.

 * Easy to maintain.
 * Easy configurable.
    * Add to add images to test by day, week, month
   * XML config.
   * Able to set qemu pararmeters per image
 * Output directory
    * By Date
    * By Name
 * Videos as theora
 * A image showing, end of video (hopefully a successful boot)
 * log file
 * Packaged.


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