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Re: how to use source

Umarzuki Mochlis wrote:
> i can see there are sources of debian live but how i can use it to
> create my own live cd?

sources of images distributed by debian consists of a tarball that
contains two tarballs within, one with the debian source packages for
the debian binary packages that were included in the live image, and a
second that holds the configuration tree for live-helper, that was used
to put together the image.

if you just want to build an image yourself, you don't need the sources.
have a look at the manual and the wiki (there are different howtos there).

if you want to rebuild an image distributed by debian, you only need the
second tarball. unpack it somewhere, and you'll get the config tree that
you can build with live-helper. note that, depending of your local
mirror setting, if any, a few parameters would need to be adapted before
you actually can build it.

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