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Re: rapid-live 1.3.0-beta asterisk and asterisk-gui

Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> I've just uploaded a beta of a newer version of our (Xorcom)'s live CD.


> * Asterisk, dahdi-{linux,tools} - backport from Unstable.
> * dahdi-firmware and dahdi-modules, which will hopefully get there soon

...dahdi, another module source whose binary modules should be prebuilt
through linux-modules-extra-2.6!

> * ajaxterm (well, it works. Perhaps one day I should spend some time on
>   packaging anyterm)

i'd love to sponsor anyterm. also, unrelated to debian-live, feel free
to ask me if you need a sponsor for you other, in debian missing packages.

> * A text-based console menu (using pdmenu) on consoles 1, 5 and 6.

investigating your config/ would be indeed very interesting.

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