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Bug#527974: stripped hook doesn't get rid of apt lists

tags 527974 + pending
rename 527974 Should warn when including apt lists and using minimal

Ben Armstrong wrote:

> The stripped hook attempts to get rid of the apt lists but then they
> later get brought back.  See attached config.tgz and build.log.

 22:13 < lamby> I think you want to set LH_BINARY_INDICES="none"
 22:17 < SynrG> argh, ok
 22:17 < SynrG> when was that added?
 22:19 < lamby> Feb 13th, released in 1.0.4-1 the day after.
 22:23 < lamby> Don't feel too bad; I only just spotted it.
 22:24 < SynrG> can the minimal hook force that?
 22:24 < SynrG> or at least throw an error
 22:26 < lamby> It might be preferable to print a warning. There's nothing
                fatal about your combination.
 22:26 < SynrG> well, it's just that one works against the error. yes, a
                warning would be nice
 22:28 < lamby> To be clear, if you specify stripped, you get
                LH_BINARY_INDICES="disabled" by default; it's only
                because you have an old config/ directory.

I've committed a change (ef34dd4) to print a warning here.


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