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Re: Ubuntu mode hangs at "configuring network interfaces"


On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 12:24 PM, Luigi Capriotti <l.capriotti@tiscali.it> wrote:
I have been playing with debian-live since when I discovered that the "ubuntu mode" patches were merged:


I tried to build an Ubuntu live disk using:

lh_config --mode ubuntu

but the resulting ISO boots and hangs at "Configuring network interfaces...".

This is probably more of a Ubuntu support question than a live-helper support question so please remove debian-live from the CC on your reply.

I wonder if anyone has faced the same issue, and what can be the root cause of that.

I'm using fully updated Intrepid as build host, if that matters.

Could you see if this problem occurs when you build the image like so:

lh_config --mode ubuntu --tasks "standard ubuntu-desktop" -d jaunty
Tks for any reply.

Luigi Capriotti


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