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Can't mount CIFS


I am trying to build a Lenny net image on a Lenny machine with
live-helper 1.0.4+20090420.1002 from live.debian.net.
The build was configured with:

> lh_config --net-root-filesystem "cifs" \
>        --net-root-server "" \
>        --net-root-path "/bootimage/" \
>        --binary-images "net"

The image boots OK, but when it comes to mounting the root, I see the following:

> Begin: Trying netboot from // /live/image ... Begin: Trying nfsmount -
> 0 nolock -o ro // /live/image/ ... nfsmount: need a server

The last message ('nfsmount: need a server') repeats until I do a ctrl-alt-del.
So, basically, it would appear that init is skipping the CIFS mount
and proceeding directly to NFS.

It looks like there is no /sbin/mount.cifs in the initrd, which may be
the reason why the CIFS mount isn't working.
Did I leave out an important switch to keep that from being included,
or do I need a special hook or some such thing?
I'm sure I am missing something rather obvious, but I've been trying
for hours and not getting anywhere.

Speaking of obvious: Yes, I can browse // with
smbclient. Right now, it is pinting to the live/ folder withing
I have also tried sharing binary/ itself as //,
but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Can anybody help?

Thank you,

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