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Re: GPL version 3

this is wrong interpretation of tivoization.

if you ship a hardware device that runs a e.g. a debian-live
distribution *and*

  * given that you do proper comply to the source compliance
    requirements of GPL-3, *and*

  * further given that you do not make it harder to install any other
    OS or distribution (be it based on the published sources or not)
    than it is to through the usual mechanisms of how an OS installation
    happens on that particular said device,

then you are not fulfiling the matter of fact under 'obfuscating access
to the device', also know as tivoization and therefore, there is no problem.

however, if you want a legally binding answer for your individual and
concrete case in your individual and concrete jurstiction, go ask a
lawyer of your trust.

in jurisprudence, you can never give or get legal advice for a generic
and abstract case, which is why any statements in this mail are neither
legal advice nor legal opinion whatsoever.


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