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Re: how to include modules in initrd

Carsten wrote:
> Hi all,


> how to include any custom modules in initrd to load them before the sqashfs 
> can be accessed?

you need an own initramfs hook that has the necessary
'manual_add_modules' calls, see hooks/live for an example.

second, you need to place that hook into

third, you need to make sure that the hook is processed, therefore
symlink /usr/share/live-helper/examples/hooks/update-initramfs.sh into

bonus points: create a package that contains the hook and rebuilds
initrd in postinst, and put that packge into
config/chroot_local-packages or put it into a repository and add that
repository to config/chroot_local-sources (prefered method).

> I try to make a live-system for an acer one 110l. It should be stored on a 
> sd-card. unfortunately the cardreader is not accessible without some modules 
> not included in the initrd build by live-helper.

which one these are? if it's a common requirement, we may just add the
module through live-initramfs itself.


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