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Re: live-initscripts CJK locale and wlan helpers

Hi Jun-san,

2009/4/22 Jun NOGATA <nogajun@gmail.com>:
> This patch is bad for the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
> Because these people will build the package, and judging it from the
> locale becomes a trouble.

Your solution is the way you should build Japanese live CDs.

Though my problem is different. I maintain Webconverger and the extra
locale support for CJK takes ~50M on the CD. I love to support CJK for
browsing the Web.

However the extra megs shouldn't put any Webconverger users off a
download. Therefore the initscript proposed, (I think) is the solution
for my case. It downloads the packages required for the particular
locale. I assume that Internet connections in CJK are fast, which they
are generally, except in China. My sources.list uses cdn.debian.net.

Kind regards,

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