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Re: [PATCH] Added Ubuntu mode.

Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
>  * Updated helpers/lh_{binary,source}_disk to brand files written under
> .disk in the image based on the mode. Its a bit of a hack but I figured
> I'd include it in the patch to prompt discussion on a better solution.
> Maybe a new option or maybe the addition of some string formatter util
> functions that would be used to format the mode string. What do you
> think Daniel?; and

good enough for the moment, can still be simplified/rearranged later on.

the following things are left:

  * your editor sucks, you've imported a bunch of useless whitespaces,
    and broke the indenting a few times (whitespaces instead of tabs).
    anyhow, i'll fix that when merging.

  * question: what's wrong here?

-               echo "Debian GNU/Linux ${VERSION} [...]
+               echo "$TITLE ${VERSION} [...

    right.. it should be ${TITLE} ;)

  * in lh_source_disk you're using


    which won't work; ${TITLE} is not set in that scope.

    unrelated to that, it would also be cleaner to set it mode
    dependent, not globally to Debian and override later on in the
    !debian modes.

i'll fix above glitches and merge now.


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