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live cd from mexico

hello list
This is my first post from Mexico,
I want to do my own live CD to live performance with supercollider and more
but I'm a little confused with the installation of packages. I followed the thread "custom live cd" and I have some questions:

Do I need to create a folder in  /tmp to make a live cd?

> sudo lh_config -a -d lenny i386 - categories main contrib non-free-p gnome - gnome-orca packages audacity brltty Rhythmbox - packages-lists / home / daniel / stuff / packages.list

<first, if you pass more than one argument to a parameter, it needs to be
quoted, e.g. - foo 'bar baz'.

wich are the parameters  in sudo lh_config -a -d lenny i386 - categories....?
what is "quoted"?
Wich are the arguments  that I have to quote?

second, packages-lists do not work like this. put
/ home / daniel / stuff / packages.list into config / chroot_local-packageslists
and set - packages-lists packages.list

Are the first and second steps applied to the line at the same time? or
after applying the first step and executing the line then I apply the second step?

I thought that I had to do lh_config in order to have the chroot_local-packageslists folder.

How do I put / home / xxxx / stuff / packages.list into config / chroot_local-packageslists ?

> cd ~
> cp file1 file2 file3 ... / tmp / livecd / config / includes / home / user

What are file1 file2 file3?,
 Are they packages?

Sorry if these questions are too basic, I am learning.
_[s] -- linux #434565

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