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Re: typo in debian live manual

Javier Barroso wrote:
> Hi,


> In 3.3.3. Using the space left on a USB stick [1] tells about
> # mkfs.ext2 ${USBSTICK}
> It would be better tells something like:
> # mkfs.ext2 ${USBSTICK}2

i don't think it is a typo, in 3.3.1, it says:

"[...] and type:

$ dd if=binary.img of=${USBSTICK}

where ${USBSTICK} is the device file of your key, like /dev/sda (not a
partition like /dev/sda1!); you can find the right device name by
looking in dmesg's output after plugging the stick, for example)."

however, given that quote above, do you have a better suggestion?
consistently using ${USBSTICK}2 doesn't seem to be better to me.


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