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debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso: FAILED


I've downloaded several files from:


When I attempt to verify the checksums related to the "rescue" disk, the
ISO image appears corrupt:

    2009-04-11 21:00:35 dpchrist@p43400e /cygdrive/h/data/iso/debian
    $ md5sum -c MD5SUMS 2>&1 | grep 'rescue.iso'
    debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso: FAILED
    debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso.list: OK
    debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso.log: OK
    debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso.packages: OK

I've downloaded MD5SUMS and debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso twice, with
the same results.

I suspect that either debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso is corrupt,
MD5SUMS is corrupt, or that MD5SUMS was generated using a different
version of debian-live-500-i386-rescue.iso.

Any suggestions?



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