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Re: cdrom vs usb-hdd

On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 10:59:01AM +0300, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'd like to consult with the members of the list with a small issue I'm
> facing.
> We use a DebianLive-based CDROM (current version is based on Etch) to
> provide a testing environment for our customers: We produce a hardware
> that uses the out-of-tree Zaptel/DAHDI drivers, and mainly used by the 
> very configurable Asterisk. Our product has its own setup needs. This 
> leaves some room for human errors and such on setup. 

A followup with a different part of the problem.

The live CD / USB runs a an Asterisk server. As it needs to come in
place of existing servers, I don't want to assume a local keyboard and
screen will be required.

Hence the CD boot automatically (though after some time out). It also
means that I cannot rely on interaction with someone at the console
before allowing the use of services (ssh, web interface for Asterisk).

For a potential USB version I thought I could somehow default to being
"disabled" and change that if the user sets password through a file on
the USB HDD. Seems simple to implement, though not intuitive enough. Any
better suggestions?

But as I wrote before, using USB on its own is not intuitive enough, so
I can't rely on it alone.

And just in case anybody actually considers the "ignore" way out of
this: if the distro is too much of a security risk, there will be enough
customers not willing to use it to test their equipment in the field for
that reason, and we have a support problem again.

So any ideas on what I can do?

               Tzafrir Cohen
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