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The additional FAT32 partition on my USB stick is unusable

In the Debian Live manual (as of March 31, 2009), in section 3.3.3, "Using the space left on a USB stick", it says that filling the space left on the USB stick with a FAT32 partition (and corresponding file system) makes it possible to use this space with Windows.

I have done this, but Windows XP only shows me the first partition (the Debian Live one) when mounting the USB stick.
I have read that this has to do with the "removable bit". The removable bit needs to be flipped in order to make Windows XP and Vista recognize all the partitions on the USB stick.

Is there any tool in Linux that can be used for flipping the removable bit on a USB stick? I have googled a lot on this, but all I can find is a Windows tool from Lexar, that is said to be tested only for Lexar sticks.


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