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Bug#515974: Related bug while evaluating $LH_ISO_VOLUME length

Roberto C. Morano wrote:
> *Hi,


> We are working with live-helper on Guadalinex distro and we have found a
> bug on the last version from the git repository.

cool. please let me know if we can do anything to make your live easier
(apart from fixing bugs :).

> The exactly problem is that the 'date' command included in
> $LH_ISO_VOLUME is not getting expanded when you check the var length,
> so, by default, when you do 'lh_config' you get the following warn/err:
> E: You have specified a too long string for iso volume, the maximum
> lenght is 32 characters.


> Here [1] you have the way we have fixed.

applied; thanks.


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