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Re: Live Media

On Mittwoch 18 Februar 2009, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> > I don't fully understand your point yet. Most of the bandwidth will be
> > consumed by downloading prepared images.
> Sure, but uploading images in the size order of ~1GB to anywhere takes
> time and bandwidth. In particular, SourceForge is a terrible enterprise
> and I would not like to rely on their services nor have a project
> affiliated with them.

Point taken. Having a build server at an ISP only makes sense if there is a 
sponsor to provide the bandwidth for user downloads.

> Incidentally, it does not seem like there are any plans to make SUSE
> Studio free software (in fact, almost the reverse):
>   http://codepad.org/OTrc2e8E

I see. Well. I guess they are looking for ways to get money out of their 
investment. We will most likely see netbook manufacturers buy instances of 
their service and produce images. 

Sebastian Hilbert 
Leipzig / Germany
[www.gnumed.de]  -> PGP welcome, HTML ->/dev/null

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