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I want to use Live installer from USB device, but the installer seems to require a CD.

I am trying to user the "Live" Debian Installer, described in chapter 6, "Common tasks" in the Debian Live Manual.

Firstly, I am confused about the line 'The values "Normal", "Live" and "Ubuntu" are not valid values for LH_BINARY_DEBIAN_INSTALLER' at the bottom of page 29 [Debian Live Manual, February 14, 2009].
Should it really be "not" and not "now"? If the word "not" is correct in this context, how can I configure my live USB device in order to use the "Live" Debian installer?

I have tried using the boot options "installer" and "expert", but then I end up in a situation where an install CD is required.

Have I got this wrong completely? Is it not possible to build a live USB device, and then start the "Live" installer from there, copying the live filesystem from the USB device to the hard drive on the target system?

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