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Re: Live Media

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 01:46:12PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Feb 2009, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:

> >non-standard repositories
> >openSUSE: all packages in openSUSE buildservice can be included
> >Debian: a custom sources list for apt needs to be carefully crafted
> ???
> I've thought metapackages basically solve this problem.

In the Debian Way, there should be no external repositories.

This shows in the fact that adding your own repository requires some

1. Build a signed repository
2. Publish it somewhere
3. Include the custom packages source in your configuration
4. Add the signing key to the configuration

(2) and (4) require 3 separate configuration files and adding an extra
configuration directive to the configuration (and this is a slight
regression from previous versions of live-helper)

While Debian does not encourge custom repositories, the people who end
up building live CDs are often those who do want a custom version of a
package or two or an extra package. 

Telling them that they should get the package into Debian is nice. But
they will at best get their package into Unstablee, and may want to
produce a distribution based on Stable.

I started to write:

  Is there an automated way to get the public key for the repository
  from a repository URL? If so, those steps could be automated.

And then realized that blindly fetching a key from the internet is not
the way to go. So I don't know how to make that type of packaging

> >sharing
> >openSUSE: supposedly available via their servers
> >Debian: needs to be hosted by us

This reflects it again. Hosting a debian-live based build service would
require quite a few resources.

But then again, would there be customers that would pay for those 

(Just to clarify: I personally am not interested in any such business)

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