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[PATCH] handle root= even if not booting from network or using plainroot

	Please consider the following patch.

	This one makes the `live' script handle the root= kernel
	parameter in cases other than using `plainroot' or network boot.
	In particular, it allows one to override the results of
	autodetection (in case one gets several devices holding Debian
	Live attached to the computer, or for debugging.)

	Personally, I use it to specify an LVM logical volume to be used
	as the Debian Live ``root'' filesystem.

--- scripts/live~
+++ scripts/live
@@ -1522,6 +1522,17 @@
 			# Do a local boot from hd
+		elif [ -n "$ROOT" ] ; then
+			## do a local mount
+			log_begin_msg "Mounting live ${ROOT} to ${mountpoint}"
+			if mount -t "$(get_fstype "${ROOT}")" \
+				-o ro,noatime \
+				"${ROOT}" "${mountpoint}" ; then
+				livefs_root=${mountpoint}
+			else
+				panic "Unable to mount ${ROOT}"
+			fi
+			log_end_msg
 			# Scan local devices for the image

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