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Re: Release update: deep freeze, planned dates, and remaining bugs

Luk Claes wrote:
> Just to clarify: we've checked with key people if the date would be ok
> and if they could coordinate with the people actually doing things.

for the records: since from an organizational point of view, the
live-team does not fit (resp. was not allowed/welcomed to fit) under
another umbrella, you do have to contact us directly and not through
someone 'above'.

>>   a) having network access to a mirror that has lenny final through http
> Does that mean lenny has to be stable already or would lenny (testing)
> not changing anymore be enough?

live images do contain in their default builds, for convencience
reasons, the apt indices (/var/lib/apt/lists/*). this allows, that a
user can install a package in a running live system without needing to
do an apt-update.

given that we're using the codenames everwhere and not the suite names,
we could build the live images even against an unreleased lenny mirror.

however, for cosmetic reasons, it would be nicer to build them against
final lenny. otherwise the release files on lenny final images would
claim it's testing (without any other technical consequence) which feels

> Anyway, if you need/want to build the images after the actual release
> that will mean earliest Saturday afternoon and more probably Saturday
> evening/Sunday.

that would be nice.


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