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Font customization on gdm's logon screen.

Can anyone point me to a document that explains how/where this is done?

The gnome desktop config tool works fine in this respect for .. well ..
the desktop.. but for some reason it does not have any effect where gdm
is concerned.

I need to (1) turn off the blur aka "anti-alisiang" that doesn't make
sense at the smaller point sizes I favor, and (2) specify some quality
font such as M$'s Verdana or Tahoma.

I want this debian-derived desktop to look like a Windows clone - since
this is the reason I installed it in the first place: something to
replace the Win98 install that came with the machine ten years ago. 

I have asked on that debian-derived distro forum but I met with more
goodwill than useful answer and since this is not distro-specific, I
thought I might ask here just in case.



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