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Re: manually finishing an interrupted build?

Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> Hi


> E: Can't process file /sbin/fdisk

you had gnu-fdisk installed on your old machine, but not anymore on the
new one. Install it and rerun lh_clean --binary && lh_binary (or
lh_build, doesn't matter).

> mv: cannot move `binary' to `chroot/binary': Directory not empty

as your build was interrupted the last time, you need to manually clean
up your chroot, by removing chroot/binary before trying to rebuild.

depending on in which state the build was interrupted, it can be that
the 'outer' chroot is already tainted with tools related to build the
binary image (genisoimage, syslinux et al). if you want to ensure to
have a not tainted build, you will have to rebuild the chroot stage as well.


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