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Re: squasfs and fetch parameter

fetch works for me, however, it has some limitations: due to issues with
busybox, name resolution doesn't work which restricts fetch parameter to
 urls with IPs in it only.

this has also the effect, that you cannot fetch from an namebased
virtualhost in your httpd configuration.


if you want to test that it works, i've copied lenny beta2
standard.squashfs to a host of mine (test it know if you want, i'll
remove it tomorrow again). best is if you boot with a image that has not
the same configuration (!=standard), so e.g. kde or something like that,
so that the image you will fetch is clearly different.

then, use this at boot prompt:

live fetch=

it works well with your image.

I'll document the limitation in the manpage of live-initramfs for the
time being.
thanks for your help, i found my errors by using your image successfully (do not laugh):

1/ the squasfs module was not int the initrd, aptitude failed the first time i do not know why so i purged and reinstalled the package and now it's ok 2/ the squafs volume root was /live/filesystem.dir (like for the AOE mount ) instead of being directly in the root "/".

Now i solved the two thing and this is working great. Thanks you a lot for your help and time !

I am also available any time if you need any help to bring AOE support to debian live.


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