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Re: FAI and debian live

Jean Spirat wrote:
> no in fact i cannot use NFS for policy reason here.


> AOE is a block device so i don't know why it could not be used :)

i was just saying that i've no clue about it. with nfs, i have some :)

> ii  live-initramfs                      1.139.1-3               Debian
> Live initramfs hook

shouldn't make any difference here, but in future, could you use the
most current one from sid (preferably) or at least the one from lenny.
makes things a bit easier for us.

> on the initrd i just added a init-premount/aoe  script that:


> and also a udev rule to rename ethx so they are in good order

would you mind sharing that in the form of a patch? i'd be interested to
play with AOE myself at a later point.

> append initrd=initrd.img-2.6.26-1-amd64 ip=dhcp  
> FAI_FLAGS=verbose,createvt FAI_ACTION=install  boot=live debug

dhcp is default for live-initramfs anyway, so ip=dhcp isn't required,
but shouldn't matter here.

> so it does find the etherdrives but it stop here, the logs ends with:
> + livefs_root=
> + [ -n  ]
> + sleep 1
> + [ -z  ]
> + panic Unable to find a medium containing a live file system

looks like a check doesn't cover AOE specific device names/patches and
thus fails, and therefore very easy to fix. can i please see the
*complete* live.log from debug mode?


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