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Re: language support

schoappied wrote:
> How can I set the language for the live-cd to dutch?
>> Start with reading
>> http://live.debian.net/manual/html/language.html

also, in addition to what i responded previously to one of your
messages, we do not have the ressources to read each and everything out
for you personally.

or in other words: during the last days, you've written a couple of
times to the mailinglist. you should be aware that there is some
documentation in the manual and some documentation in the wiki.

before you post to the mailinglist with broad questions, especially when
they are as non-specific/non-detailed, you should have at least checked
both locations if there is indeed already something documented about it.

last but not least, some word of advertisement: we'll more than happy to
get patches for the manual in order to document undocumented stuff or to
improve already documented things.


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