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Re: virtualization vesa bug

schoappied wrote:
mariodebian wrote:
El vie, 16-01-2009 a las 14:55 +0100, schoappied escribió:

I can't set my screen resolutions right in virtualbox :/

Seems to be a bug in the vesa driver..

I tried it with the testing/unstable/experimental driver, no success.



Seems to be related to this bug:


Closed with vesa driver in experimental, but vesa in experimental is
compiled with Xorg > 1.4.99 which is not in sid/testing...

Apply my patch and recompile vesa driver:


With the patch (thanks for that) I can change the resolution in qemu. But not to 1024x768 :(
Only below that....

A while ago you had to set the right xorg settings by 'dpkg-reconfigure-xserver-xorg' But that doesn't work anymore for screen settings is it? What is now 'The' way?

In qemu I've only the choice 800x600 or 640x480

I've installed xorg and xserver-xorg (and drivers).


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