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Re: Live CD for multiple locales

Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> 1.) ideally have the user select the locale to boot up. E.g. let the user 
> choose at boot time or once Debian-Live has booted into a Windowmanager.

this is how it works atm. the locale you pass through kernel parameter
at boot prompt (see manpage of live-initramfs for exact syntax)
initiates the generation of the correct locales, and, if you use gdm or
kdm, the desktop environment will start localized as well (given that,
the appropriate i18n-foo is installed, which is not necessary for gnome
but e.g. kde has it seperately in kde-i18n-foo).

if you have multiple entries in your syslinux configuration, the user
can just select between those doesn't have to worry about messing with
the prompt.

> 2.) Install (regardless of how to use it) a defined set of locales during the 
> build stage. In our case that would be French, Spanisch, German, English 
> along with the keyboard layouts.

keyboard are handled similar as locales, except that they don't need to
be generated, just switched.

if you want multiple pre-generated locales in the image, regardless what
you select at boot prompt, you can just preseed the locale package
accordingly and put the preseeding file into config/chroot_local-preseed/

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