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Re: new to debian live, trying to boot from aoe

Richard Nelson a écrit :
On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 7:12 AM, Jean Spirat <jeanspirat@squirk.org> wrote:

i am new to debian live. I use FAI to install debian servers and it use
debian live for its initrd system. My issue is that it mount a nfs volume
for the root filesystem and i want to replace it by an AOE target.

 I writed a script called init-premount/aoetools that basicaly do a ifconfig
ethx up, then modprobe aoe and then aoe-discover. But it seems the script is
not executed  and so the system cannot boot.

 Anyone can help me for this part ?

Well that is an interesting idea. As a possible solution you could
consider to use the system you have tftp+pxe for booting, could mount
the aoe then share out via nfs from there or even use the file= boot

for now here what is working:

server boot from pxe
server load kernel and initrd from tftp
live system start and then die at the initramsfs prompt, last error:

+ panic Unable to find a medium containing a live file system

Is there somewhere some details about the process of the live system because the logs do not help me to find the issue. For me it should start my init-premount script that permit to see the AOE target and then continue but it seems to fail before that. Is there anything done between ? Is init-premount the right place for aoe ?


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