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debian etch - lh_build - cannot find package fragrouter

I successfully created the default "standard" live CD - i.e. lh_build
ran OK and I was able to boot to the bash prompt.

Since "standard" does not comprise most of the tools I am familiar with,
I decided to switch to give "rescue" a shot.

The lh_build run ended prematurely because it was unable to find the
fragrouter package.

Since I don't even know what fragrouter is .. I could remove it from the
package list and rerun lh_build.

OTOH I may have to remove a few other packages .. one at a time ..  This
is both time-consuming and not very smart .. so I was wondering if there
was a better way - for instance make sure that all the packages in
"rescue" are found?

Or is there a way I could tell dh_helper to ignore those packages it is
not able to find - at least for now?

The documentation says I could choose aptitude over apt-get .. but then
it says that etch already uses aptitude by default. So my guess is that
this refers to the live system I am building and not the host system on
my machine.



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