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Re: General question - objectives of debian live.

Am Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008 schrieb Chris Jones:
> I would just like a confirmation that I can use debian live to create a
> portable clone of a subset of my regular debian environment that I can
> carry around on a CD/DVD and a USB flash drive.
> After reading the fine manual a couple of times, I'm pretty sure that's
> what debian live proposes to do.
> If so, and if I spend a couple of weeks with friends or family and have
> access to a computer .. how would I sync back my home machine with the
> live environment .. things such as mailboxes, development/documentation
> directories .. possible changes to configuration files .. software that
> I installed while away from home .. etc.

Have a  look to unison-gtk. After using my live-hdd I mount my usb-hdd on my 
desktop pc and sync my home-directory (which is separately on a stick or 
usb-hdd encrypted with luks and dm-crypt)


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